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Why is the Marketing-Mall created?

Most of the enterprises of medium and small business, make typical mistakes, among them:

Lack of focus for real customer needs

Lack of constant consumer market research

The lack of a competent assessment of staff performance

Lack of timely information about the actions of competitors

Lack of or not proper maintenance of the mission and values of the company

Lack of proper planning, timely adjustment and maintenance of the marketing strategy

Improper maintenance and strengthening of brand positions

The lack of clear cohesion of all departments of the company to achieve the goal

We are ready to solve most of them, thanks to the creation of Marketing-Mall

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How the Marketing-Mall will solve the described business problems


We will conduct detailed market research in core areas in order to actualize the current needs of potential Clients.


We will improve the unique algorithms of the CRM Marketing-mall and will give the opportunity to get a detailed analysis of business and build the actual marketing strategy


We will implement the full functionality of CRM, which will include great opportunities to increase business efficiency and reduce sales costs


After launching the product to the market, the best team will implement CRM at each registered enterprise and will accompany its maintenance.

What the Marketing-Mall will give to the business

Analysis of the current marketing strategy (if available)

Comparison of existing activities with the actions of major competitors

Derivation of a software checklist with recommendations for improving / changing existing communication channels

Formation of an optimized marketing strategy for the enterprise.

Getting the tools to implement an established marketing strategy

Getting effective control tools

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What sources of revenue will Marketing-Mall have?

To reach the break-even point and exit to profit from 11 months, the following products will be sold

Sale of licensesallowing access to the software package

Support and refinement of the software package for individual customer needs

Selling Optionssuch as Traffic conversion control, service level control, loyalty program (bonuses), call-back, choice of contractors

Providing outsourced business promotion services such as seo, brand-management, integrated management

Web development such as website development, individual mobile applications and other solutions

Сontractors cashbackfor providing mediation between business and advertising agencies

All these types of products will be implemented step by step, so that already since 11 months Marketing-Mall and its investor will begin to receive net profit.

You can get test access to the workspace of the future project and a full presentation of Marketing-Mall.

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Who we are and what we offer for You?

About the team
Hi! I'm Andriy.
My team is going to grow-up Marketing-Mall and create a very powerful product.
We are a web and app development company with a brand BearCode. We create custom-made digital products that are fast and practical.
We have long had the idea of ​​creating a universal and effective tool for companies that will help bring them to a level much higher than the current one.
Now we have done a great deal of work on the design of a software product, carried out calculations of the Feasibility study, created a business plan and the corresponding presentation.
At this stage, we are developing a web-interface Marketing-mall.

However, for the implementation of all our plans, we lack quite a bit of resources and we were in search of a reliable and innovative partner.
The benefits of partnership with us
With you, we are ready to share all the ideas, plans and development strategy of the project.
For the interest of both parties, we can consider any options for cooperation, including your share in the profits.
We can confidently show you how to return your funds and start making you a profit already from 11 months of work.
The project is very abizable and we plan, from the 24th month from the moment of launch, to enter international markets.

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